Sunday, 5 July 2020


Tell us about yourself

My name is Gilliland Emmanuel, a first class graduate of Chemical Engineering at Covenant University Ota. I am also the Founder and               CEO Nuel's Media  and the President, Land Incorpuration Group, which Nuel's Media is a subsidiary to. I am Nigerian/British, I hold four    Degrees and five Professional qualifications (ranging from Engineering, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration etc.)                      Basically very simple and just your regular guy.

 How did you start Nuel's Media is this something you've always wanted to do?

Funny thing is I and my Partner and colleague Mr Ugochukwu Emmanuel Ibua were thinking of starting our own media company, since it  was what we both wanted to do and on that note, we were on a sit-out at a friend's house, and his sister suggested since we both bear the name,  "EMMANUEL" we should tag our brand "Nuel's Media" and that was how we started from Lagos and then couple of years  later, we moved our company to Port Harcourt,Rivers State.
 How long have you been in the industry and what are the challenges so far?

We will be five this year and for the challenges, it's basically the fact that  equipments are very expensive and most clients want to pay less, but we are bridging   lthose gaps. 

 How do you unwind after hours of work work and work?

 First off, nothing away from more work because our company is at its peak and we cannot afford to slow down now.
        Secondly, We are in a community where once you slow down, they look for the next person with action and we at Nuel's Media, cannot at           this point take that chance due to the large number of people venturing into the Media Business and Tech Media is the new "oil"

What else do you get up to a way from photography?

 Well, I am a Graphics Designer, I write proposals, I am an Idealist, I am also a Chemical Engineer. I also write. These  were the things l did to fund the company, Nuel's media during the early days. But you would be shocked, I have put all these on hold to focus on  Nuel's Media because the company is growing rapidly and we must give our all at this point so i have neglected 

What's your philosophy of life?

God, Family, Love and Hardwork.

 Where do you see Nuel's Media in the next five years

We are hopeful it will be  one of the leading Media Firms in the South South and South East Region of Nigeria, I mean we are almost there and maybe projects for   our permanent site will be on concluded.

Are there any new projects to watch out for?

Well, watch our for our short Films, we intend to shoot in the best qualities that we can find and we also are planning to submit some  for  the AMVCA, as soon as we finish the projects, currently we have about about seven of them we should begin just after the pandemic.

        Secondly, Watch out for our Documentaries, Talk Shows, Music Videos, amongst others we have got a couple of projects in the works 

Amongst your works, which is your favorite so far and why?

 A good Mother does not have afavorite amongst her children, to this end all our works for now are our favorites and our babies and they are   also very precious to us as a team 

 Whose work has influenced you the most?

Well, we have a lot but basically, we do combinations of crafts in other-words, we study lhow it is done by foreign company's in the media and also look at some productions in Africa and that's where our influence comes from but  we have so many Nigerian, Asian, Uk and American influence but we also do love most of Kelechi Amadi, Alakija, Ty Bello, George Okoro,            Big H Studios, Mideway, Robert Peters, Tosin Igho, Clerence Peters, Director Boy, Joseph Otekume, Elijah, Elf Rivera, Amongst other  great men and women in the industry and trust me when I say they all have their roles they play to influence and enhance our growth.

 What's the one thing you wish you knew when you had started?

Well, we did come prepared but if we had a little bit of financial support and also genuine people not posers, we would have achieved a  lot and also if we had a legal partner that would have helped us a lot because we did lots of projects and as i speak to you so many people       are owing us as a company and the debts are in millions, Advice if you are starting a business, please get legal support, so you won't be  cheated

Thanks for your time.
Emmanuel Gilland , CEO Nuelzmedia



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